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pureWash is an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your residential washing machine, adding enhanced oxygen and Photo Catalytic Oxidizers to the cold water supply. Water treated by pureWash aids in cleaning laundry and killing bacteria without leaving residual detergent in the fabric. Many people find they are allergic to detergents used in washers and the detergents create an environmental problem as they are dispersed into the waste water by washers.
The operation of pureWash is easy and convenient. Once your pureWash is properly installed, you simply operate your washing machine following the manufacturer’s instructions. pureWash is designed to automatically turn on as soon as the washer demands water for the wash cycle and again for any rinse cycles. You will be able to see the production of enhanced oxidation bubbles through the viewing window as it glows blue. When the water stops flowing, your pureWash will automatically turn off.

Key Features
·         Advanced oxidation laundry system for use with residential washing machines (same technology as commercial systems).
·         Use little or no detergent, bleach, or fabric softener for normally soiled clothes.
·         Eliminates need for hot water in laundry.
·         Expected to provide over 10 years of service.
·         Available for top load or front load machines.
·         Simple, easy to follow ten minute installation.

Energy Saving
·         pureWash® consumes just 25 watts of electricity (less than the average light bulb).
·         Only uses electricity when your washing machine calls for water.
·         No need to heat water.
·         Clothes dry faster without soap residue.

·         No discharge of chemicals in laundry waste water and therefore making our environment safer.
·         Improves health of septic systems with decreased clogging and increased decomposition by “good bacteria” (which detergent chemicals can           kill).
·         Reduces disposal of plastic laundry containers that clutter our landfills (average family of 4 uses approximately 37 containers per year).

Health Benefits
·         Reduces or eliminates skin irritations and allergic reactions caused by residual chemicals in fabric from detergent, bleach, and fabric                         so
·         Ozone kills micro-organisms found in soiled laundry (kills bacteria 3000 times faster than bleach).
·         Ozone kills Salmonella, E Coli, and many other bacteria by rupturing their cell walls. (not always destroyed with conventional laundry                           practices).

Laundry Tidbits
·         The rinse cycle actually works as a second wash cycle since you are not using it to wash away detergent and fabric softener residue.
·         Brighter whites and sharper colors due to no chemicals or hot water.
·         No need to sort clothes due to eliminating hot water and bleach (except new fabrics).
·         Clothes will be softer and fluffier as a result of no detergent residue.
·         Fabric life is extended from lack of hot water, and the chemicals that cause fiber shredding.
·         Clothes left in washing machine will not sour nearly as quickly because residual detergent is not present to feed mold and mildew.
·         Improves washing machine performance and ends need to purchase washing machine cleaner.
·         No need to purchase special detergents for infants, children, or those sensitive to  chemicals.

pureWash Specifications:

  • Size: 16.5″ L x 9.5″ H x 3.75″ D
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Model: pureWash® (Regular Flow), pureWash® (Low Flow)
  • Wall mounts for use
  • Electrical Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Electrical Output: DC 12V, 3A
  • Minimum: 40 psi
  • Maximum: 75 psi
  • Water Operating Temperature: Uses cold water only
  • Leak Detector Alarm (Audible Alarm)  
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